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What Is A Whiplash Car Accident?

A whiplash car accident is quite common. It is named from the action that takes place when the cracking of a whip occurs. Motion in one direction is interrupted by a change in directions. This happens so fast that it is generally over before you realize what just happened. The motion itself is not the problem. It is the nearly instant change of directions of your motion that is the problem. If you are involved in a whiplash car accident it can affect your entire body. However, it can be extremely injurious to the vertebrae system in your back and neck.

A whiplash car accident can cause the individual vertebrae within your back and neck to become misaligned. The spinal column houses and protects the spinal cord. Your body’s nerves are intermingled throughout your spinal column. The nerves run from your spinal cord to all parts of your body. Your nervous system kind of acts like the internet, where vast amounts of information is transmitted almost instantaneously.


When the spinal column becomes misaligned it can cause difficulty in its ability to transmit information to and from the brain and all of your body parts. General soreness to sharp piercing pain can be an indication that an injury may have occurred to your vertebrae system. Pain is the normal indicator that something is wrong within our body. Often times the original pain will be coming from a misaligned vertebrae that has come in contact with one or more of your body’s nerves.

The level of pain may run across the entire pain scale from 1 to 10. Should you find yourself in a whiplash car accident and pain has arisen either immediately or over several days contact your Family Doctor or Family Chiropractor. A physical exam will be necessary to determine what injury if any has occurred. Dr. Larry Parent has been practicing chiropractic care for over 25 years. His expertise will serve you well if you live in the Dallas, TX area. His clinic is called White Rock Chiropractic and is conveniently open 6 days a week. Contact the Office Today if you need a Free consultation or a second opinion.

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