Uncomfortable hip pain

Uncomfortable Hip Pain Is Very Common

Uncomfortable hip pain can be debilitating and harmful to the human body. Your hips represent a major joint in the human body and are required to have normal mobility. Walking can be extremely difficult when you are experiencing an uncomfortable level of pain in your hips. Getting up, getting down, jogging, running, and swimming are all compromised because of joint pain in your hips.

There are many potential causes of uncomfortable hip pain, and none should be over-looked when searching for the root cause. Arthritis becomes a major player when searching for a cause of this type of pain. There are many forms of Arthritis so solving this problem most likely will take some time and some thorough research. It probably will include a complete physical exam with x-rays. Solving the challenging problem of uncomfortable hip pain can be difficult to be sure.

Causes for Hip Pain are Many

Hip fractures, hip dislocations, and hip labral tears are other common sources for pain in the hip area. These injuries and many others can be the cause of this uncomfortable hip pain. Dr. Larry Parent can help you locate the root cause of hip pain. He will provide you with a complete physical exam including x-rays.

Pinched nerves are also the potential cause of this debilitating pain. Uncomfortable Hip PainAn exam will help isolate the cause so treatment can be suggested. There are other sources for hip pain; however, what we mentioned are easily the most likely cause. Once the cause has been established a treatment regimen will be recommended and it will be up to you to accept. Pain causes more problems for us than we all would like to acknowledge.

When you have removed pain from your life it becomes much easier to function and lead a normal life. Frankly, we all need to have a pain free life. If pain is a problem for you, Contact White Rock Chiropractic for an appointment to discuss how to reduce or remove that pain at your earliest convenience.

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