Spinal Adjustments Model in Dallas, TX

Spinal Adjustments Often Relieve Pain

Spinal adjustments are frequently used by Chiropractors and some Osteopaths. They manipulate the vertebrae within your spine to properly align them. When all of your vertebrae are aligned properly your brain can communicate with your body effectively. The primary effect of spinal adjustments is the relief of pain. Pain is the common by product of a fall, auto accident, or a work or sports related injury.

Spinal Adjustments May be Necessary;

Chiropractors often use other treatments that work in conjunctionSpinal Adjustments Model with spinal adjustments. Some of these will be; specific exercises, body massage, dietary changes, and physical therapy. Prior to any treatment, however, it is necessary for a Chiropractor or Osteopath to examine your body and take a series of x-rays. Once a determination is made and a diagnosis is rendered, treatment can begin. Spinal adjustments may or may not be part of the treatment process. Your Chiropractor will go over his findings with you prior to any treatment regimen.

It is important to remember that spinal adjustments are a process and not a one or two time treatment. Each patient will be treated individually and have their own treatment process and regimen. Rarely are any two cases alike. Similar yes, but alike rarely.

Many different adjustment methods are available to your Chiropractor. Always discuss and be aware of the treatment method preference of your Chiropractor. There are even more Chiropractic techniques than there are Chiropractic methods. Many techniques are proprietary an have been developed by practicing chiropractors. Get involved with your treatment and discuss what method and technique your Chiropractor intends on using as it relates to your situation. Information is vital and you should always be aware of what is happening to your body.

White Rock Chiropractic is available to discuss your needs and circumstances at Dr. Parent’s and your convenience. The more involved you are and the more you pay attention to your Chiropractor the better you will respond to the recommended treatment. Contact Us Today!

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