Sciatica Nerve Pain

Sciatica Nerve Pain is Very Intense

The intensity of sciatica nerve pain can be so powerful that it becomes unbearable. When this happens, a person is forced to resolve the issue as nothing else matters to them. Typically, the excruciating level of pain brought on by sciatica nerve pain is debilitating. For those of you who have never experienced this type of pain consider yourselves truly fortunate. The nerve of sciatica is located within the lower back and runs down through the hips and buttocks. It then travels down each leg to just above the knee.
Sciatica Nerve Pain
A spinal disc can pinch or come in contact with this nerve and cause enormous pain. This is the usual suspect within the origins of sciatica nerve pain. An over-the-counter pain relief ailment is no match for this intense pain. A highly trained Doctor of Chiropractic is practically your best hope. Back surgery to solve this most painful condition is common within the medical community of The United States. Dr. Larry Parent, owner and operator of White Rock Chiropractic for nearly 30 years has successfully helped thousands of patients, many of which suffered from sciatica nerve pain. Dr. Parent’s method of pain relief does not include surgery.

If the sciatic nerve is pinched or disturbed, a condition of numbness, sharp pain, and bladder and bowel disturbance can occur. All three of these conditions can occur simultaneously. To say this would be uncomfortable would really be an understatement. If you find yourself with any of these conditions, Contact Dr. Larry Parent at your earliest convenience. He offers an initial consultation for Free for all first-time patients. This includes x-rays and a complete physical exam. It is not necessary to constantly have physical pain. Relief without surgery is available and should be seriously considered prior to committing to an unnecessary surgery.


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