Protect Against Coronavirus At White Rock Chiro

Protect against Coronavirus at White Rock Chiropractic is at the top of their list of important things to achieve. White Rock Chiropractic has been concerned about their patients good health for decades. They have been vigilant in cleaning the equipment, tables, doors, door knobs, and chairs often throughout the day. It has been Dr. Larry Parent‘s belief that a clean Chiropractic Clinic is a Healthy Chiropractic Clinic.

Hand sanitizer is found throughout the clinic. Clean hands are well known to be an effective method of stopping the spread of infectious diseases. And, as we all know Coronavirus is an infectious disease. We encourage social distancing between patients as well, however, Dr. Parent will adjust you if necessary. His social distancing will be unavoidable.

UV Light (Ultra Violet Light) is known to kill bacteria and virus. Therefore, it can becoronavirus-at white-rock-chiro-with -coronavirus-cells-images used to sterilize objects and rooms. UV Light comes to Earth directly from the sun everyday and is considered a natural disinfectant. The coronavirus can not reproduce by itself. It needs others cells to come into contact with to assist in its ability to reproduce. This is where UV Light can help destroy Coronavirus. Read the article and watch the video from this link to learn more about UV Light and its relationship with coronavirus. Very hopeful news is discussed. To protect against coronavirus at White Rock Chiro we are taking all precautions to protect our staff and out patients.

White Rock Chiropractic has been in operation for over 25 years. They not only provide a comfortable setting for Chiropractic Treatment, but they provide a safe a sanitary environment as well! Should you need some medical advise, especially regarding pain, Dr. Larry Parent will provide you with the best chiropractic care available. Accidents and Injuries cause pain. Don’t suffer needlessly. Contact Us immediately for a Free Consultation.

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