Pinched nerve pain diagnosis

Pinched Nerve Pain Debilitates

When we talk about pinched nerve pain, we are talking about one of the most painful events a human being can experience. Over-the-counter pain relief is non-existent for this type of pain. Prescription pain relief can help, but only a little. It only masks the real problem and cause of this debilitating pain. It also only lasts temporarily. A pinched nerve is the cause, and unpinching that nerve is the solution to that debilitating pain. Often times that is easier said than done. Chiropractic care will usually solve the issue of pinched nerve pain. In severe cases and your chiropractor is unable to resolve your pinched nerve, he can recommend other possibilities.

A nerve can become pinched when it is pressed between bone, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscle, or other bodily tissue. The compressed nerve then becomes inflamed, irritated, and the end result is that you feel pain. Lots and lots of pain. How’s this sound so far? You are right, this is no fun. In fact, it will be one of the worst experiences of your life. For those of you who have experienced a pinched nerve, you know exactly what I am talking about. Most of you would like to forget it, and I totally understand that thought process.

Causes look like this . . .
  1. Pinched nerve pain in neckSlipped disc or herniated disc – the number one cause in America.
  2. Accident or Injury – the second most cause in America.
  3. Arthritis – very common cause.
  4. Bone Spurs – also common cause.
  5. Over-Weight or obesity – growing cause.
  6. Sports and repetitive activity – growing cause.

Pinched nerve pain can happen throughout your body. The discs within your spinal column are active participants in the process of pinched nerves. This happens when they slip out of place or become herniated discs. Pinched nerves can show up nearly anywhere. Your hands and feet can become affected. Your shoulders and hips can also get involved in the game of nerve pain.

Dr. Larry Parent has relieved the pain in thousands of patients over the past thirty years. Many of them had pinched nerves. If you need help Schedule an Appointment today. Life is better when you are pain free.




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