Pain Relief With A Safe Atmosphere

Life has changed during 2020 throughout the World. Pain relief is still a high priority for those who suffer from abnormal amounts of pain. However, COVID-19 or Coronavirus has made us all a bit concerned about contracting the disease, so seeking pain relief may be not as high on your list as it once was. Oh, that is not to say that you are no longer seeking help. It is a fact though, that we all have gone out of our homes far less than normal recently because of our fears and governmental requests. Because of the concern of catching this plague like illness it is necessary for all of us to take precautions. Most of the places that we want to visit are taking precautions as well.

Feel Safe While Obtaining Pain Relief

Chiropractors in particular have had to make adjustments in the way they interact with their patients, and White Rock Chiropractic is leading the way. If you have been to a medical professional since the outbreak of this pandemic you will have noticed that things have changed. Face masks and or face shields are being worn by the entire medical practice staff. They are insisting that you wear one too! It’s for everyone’s protection so don’t complain too much. Then there are the gloves andpain-relief-with-physiotherapist-with-screen-and-mask-giving-a-patient-a-shoulder-massage hand sanitizer. Full protective gowns are also part of the new norm. Waiting rooms are either closed and patients wait outside until called inside or very limited seating exists. Only a few folks are allowed in while observing the social distancing of 6 feet that we are being ask to observe.

Pain relief is a common request by the patients of White Rock Chiropractic and Dr. Larry Parent. This COVID-19 pandemic HAS NOT deterred the staff at White Rock Chiropractic from delivering on that request. They have taken every safety precaution recommended by the CDC and added some of their own. All therapeutic equipment is sanitized after each patient’s use. UV Light is being used to kill the Coronavirus throughout the entire facility of White Rock Chiropractic. Bet you aren’t using UV Light to disinfect your home! When you visit Whit Rock Chiropractic you can be assured that it is a very safe environment to work on your pain relief. Contact Them Today for an appointment.

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