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Pain Management Chiropractic

Pain Management Chiropractic is a treatment option for people who experience chronic pain. Chronic Pain is an ongoing pain that persists beyond a specific time frame. This usually means 3 to 6 months after an injury, accident, or medical condition. It also does not respond well to typical pain management efforts to diminish the pain. This chronic pain can hang around day after day or come and go with no apparent reason.

Your family doctor may recommend pain management chiropractic if his efforts have fallen short of your need for permanent pain relief. After you schedule an appointment with a chiropractor be prepared for a thorough physical exam, x-rays, and a few tests. This information is critical for your pain management chiropractic treatment to be effective. Finding the root cause of the pain is of foremost importance. Until the cause of pain is accurately diagnosed and determined, effective treatment will most likely not be found.

Pain Management Chiropractic Treatment;

Since each person has unique circumstances regarding their chronic pain your pain management chiropractic treatment may be equally unique. All pain and all patients are not treated the same. Your special condition will determine what treatment options will be utilized. Your chiropractor will explain to you in detail what the cause is of your chronic pain. He or she will also provide the treatment details along with an estimated timeline for that treatment. Your personal recovery from this chronic pain may happen sooner or later than the estimated timeline given to you by your chiropractor. Remember the estimated timeline is just an estimate.

Spinal Manipulation  often times will be part of your pain management chiropractic treatment. There are well over 100 different techniques for spinal manipulation used around the world. Most chiropractors in America utilize about a dozen types of techniques within their chiropractic care of pain management chiropractic patients.

Manual Therapy is commonly used in the pain management industry around the world. Manual Therapy treats muscular skeletal pain and disability; it most commonly includes kneading and manipulation of muscles and joints.

Therapeutic Exercise is often included in your pain management treatment plan. Therapeutic exercise can be used to improve a vast amount of things gone wrong within your body. Pain relief is just one of those things. However, an important one indeed!

White Rock Chiropractic has long experience in treating chronic pain through chiropractic care within unique regimens specifically designed for each patient. Dr. Larry Parent will take the time necessary for you to be part of and to understand the recommended pain management chiropractic treatment. Contact Us today for a Free Private consultation.

7 thoughts on “Pain Management Chiropractic

  1. My husband has been dealing with some chronic pain for a while now. He’s finally open to the idea of getting treatment. Chiropractic care sounds good to me since therapeutic exercise can help with more than pain relief.

  2. My fiance may need to find a pain management doctor for some issues that he has been having. He is not sure about what to do or who to contact. I will let him know that he has several options like manual therapy.

  3. What a great resource! You really break down Pain Management Chiropractic in a way that’s easy to understand. Most people suffering from chronic pain often think that there is one treatment option for them, when really a comprehensive approach like this is the best option. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I didn’t realize that manual therapy treats muscular skeletal pain. My back has been giving off a lot of pain lately, and I want to find some pain treatment that can help alleviate what I am dealing with. Perhaps I should meet with some medical professionals to see what treatments could help me out with my back pain.

    1. Absolutely! If you are in the Dallas area we would be delighted to help you. If not contact a Chiropractor in your area. Good Luck with your quest to alleviate your back pain.

  5. I like that you explained that pain management chiropractic care can help diminish chronic pain that medicine cannot treat. My brother has had horrible migraines since he was 12, but doctors haven’t been able to find anything in CAT scans. What are possible chiropractic problems that can cause migraines and do they require multiple visits?

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