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How Chiropractic Care Helps!

Chiropractic Care helps initially by determining the source of your pain. It is very difficult to relieve pain when the pain source is unknown. Because of this, a thorough examination will be given to you by your Chiropractic Care Professional. Once the pain source is determined a recommended treatment regimen will be discussed with you. At this time you will need to approve the recommended treatment or discuss options with your chiropractor.

Our nerve endings relay a message to our brains when they are irritated. They are telling our brain that something is wrong. We understand this bodily communication as pain. Early on in this process our pain level determines how we react. Slight pain or a twinge may cause us to take a Tylenol or Excedrin. Then we take notice of how our body accepts this remedy or treatment. The pain may have been lessened or completely relieved. Then again, relief or total relief may not be realized. If pain relief has not been established then alternative treatments or options must be considered.

Chiropractic Care is Unique to You:

Your Chiropractic Care professional or Chiropractor may suggest massage therapy as a part of your pain management treatment. Most often it will be coupled with a specific exercise program as well. These two pain management techniques work well together. Loosening and relaxing tight muscles is a proven method to reduce or relieve pain. Therapy machines can also assist in this process. You also may be asked not to do certain things will undergoing pain management treatment. Jumping, lifting, and twisting are all things that may need to be eliminated until a full recovery has been established.Chiropractic Care Adjustment Image

Don’t be surprised if a recommendation for spinal adjustments or manipulations becomes part of your pain management treatment. Chiropractors are trained and taught how to adjust your spine. These adjustments are often the key to you receiving a complete recovery. The realignment of your spine and vertebrae can provide a total or near total relief of pain. This process is generally performed over a generous period of time. Most treatment periods will last over several months. However, each treatment is unique and can not be compared to another as each injury or source of pain is unique to each person. Be patient and follow all instructions provided by your Chiropractic Care professional. Dr. Larry Parent will advise and recommend the Best Treatment Regimen possible based upon your physical condition

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