Hip And Back Mobility Can Be Increased

Many of you suffer from the lack of hip and back mobility. It is a common ailment. The frequency of this uncomfortable condition increases as we age. A therapy machine called Power Plate can increase the mobility of your hips and back. Now, doesn’t that sound inviting? When your hips and back don’t have normal mobility it is difficult to walk, stand up, and easily move. Because of this, life becomes more difficult and crutches, walkers, and wheel chairs begin creeping into our lives. And moving around without some of this assistance clearly seems impossible. Therefore, do something to improve the way you feel and move around.

Is the Mobility of Your Hip And Back Lacking?

Dr. Larry Parent of White Rock Chiropractic uses the Power Plate, as an in Office Therapy Machine. It helps increase hip and back mobility. It supplements his treatment like the other therapy machines you may be more familiar with, located in his office. The Power Plate is a vibrating platform that can stimulate your entire body. It increases circulation which is always a benefit to your entire well being. Another benefit is that it makes you fell better by stimulating your natural reflexes. Now what’s not to like about that?

Hip Pain and Back Pain often go hand in hand with hip mobility and back mobility. The hips and the back function as aHip-and-back-mobility-showing-back-and-spinal-problems-in-adult-ages team. Together they make your legs move in a coordinated way that allows you to move your legs, walk, skip, and generally move from one location to another. Since body movement helps create a more fulfilling life, it is important to keep your hip and back mobility at its peak performance.

If you suspect you are losing mobility in any part of your body it would benefit you to Contact Dr. Larry Parent at your earliest convenience. The White Rock Chiropractic Office is taking all necessary safety precautions against the spread of COVID-19. That way, you can feel comfortable and safe upon your arrival and throughout your entire appointment.


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