Power Plate Exercises in Dallas, TX

Helpful Power Plate Exercise

Do you stand all day at work?
Do your legs hurt after walking—even a short distance?
Do you suffer from weak abdominal muscles?
All of these conditions as well as many more can be helped by the POWER PLATE exercise system!

Power Plate Excercise-EquipmentWhite Rock Chiropractic has been pleased to include the “Power Plate” exercise unit as a part of our resources to aid in your health care. The Power Plate unit utilizes rapid vibrations to cause muscle contractions that require no lifting; making it a great way to rehabilitate injuries without having to increase the load on potentially damaged muscles. I have had the opportunity to use this in my clinic with incredible results. In as little as 60 seconds, you will feel a difference in your legs. People typically report a “refreshed and lighter” feeling to their lower extremities.

Space age technology:
The muscle-activation through vibration was initially studied by Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov; it was developed to help keep astronaut’s muscles from degenerating from lack of use during prolonged time in space. The astronauts were unable to lift weights to maintain muscle tone as the weights floated in space too. Therefore, he developed a system to provide resistance to the muscles to keep them strong without the use of conventional exercise equipment.

The Power Plate Platform

The Power Plate platform is a vibrating base that moves at rates up to 50 times per second. This causes rapid muscle contraction followed by a brief relaxation period before firing the muscle group again. This strengthens the muscles without putting a significant amount of resistance into the muscles, therefore, allowing contraction without putting a load on the muscle groups.

Power Plate ExercisesExercises can range from push-ups on the platform base to simply standing still and maintaining your balance while the unit vibrates at the selected frequency. Higher frequencies give a lighter exercise effect, but a more soothing effect while the lower frequencies will provide a stronger impulse for the body to work with. These impulses offer both a stimulating and relaxing feel to the muscles by helping to increase blood flow to the areas while working the muscle groups. This addresses everything from individual muscle groups to core strengthening.

The makers of the Power Plate system say that just 10 minutes on the unit is equivalent to 60 minutes of conventional exercise! In order to develop strength, power, muscle tone, and definition, conventional exercises are conducted putting tension on the muscles while you can obtain similar results by simply standing on the Power Plate unit.

So come in and try a complimentary session to see what it can do for you today! Feel free to call our office at (214) 328-2225 with any additional questions or click here to set up your appointment.