COVID-19 and White Rock Chiropractic

COVID-19 and White Rock Chiropractic may have to exist in the same community but all of the folks at White Rock Chiropractic are taking every precaution to protect against it. All of the machines and equipment are high tech chiropractic therapy and used by many of their clients and patients. Because of this they are sanitizing each therapeutic machine after each use to make sure any coronavirus has been eliminated. It should be noted that the entire medical community is taking every precaution to stop the spread of this lethal virus. Thankfully surface contact is a very difficult way to transfer this virus.

The entire Dallas, TX area has been negatively impacted by the pandemic that we call coronavirus or COVID-19. Many of our fellow citizens have contracted the virus. And adder still some have died from this deadly disease. It is not to be taken lightly, but we do know how to deal with it. COVID-19 and White Rock Chiropractic knows that wearing face masks in public locations helps stop the spread. Staying at least 6 feet away from each other, aka: “Social Distancing” is another preventative way we can protect each other from contracting the coronavirus.

COVID-19 and White Rock Chiropractic Function Together

Dr. Larry Parent of White Rock Chiropractic is extremely aware that we are fearful of contracting this disease. Therefore,he and his staff are using special UV lighting to disinfect the entire Chiropractic Treatment Center. UV lighting is known to kill all COVID-19-and-White-Rock-Chiropractic-with-Woman-with-Mask-using-hand-sanitizer-in-City-Streetcoronaviruses not just the COVID-19 version. This extra precaution taken by White Rock Chiropractic to eradicate this disease is very proactive. Dr. Parent wants all of his patients to feel safe and comfortable when visiting White Rock Chiropractic. We may have to function in the same neighborhoods, but we don’t have to be friendly towards COVID-19.

The vast majority of chiropractic care is given towards pain. This is a terrible condition to live with. Everyone at White Rock Chiropractic wants you to know that we not only care about your pain relief but they care about your overall well being. It is because of this that they are using sanitizers throughout the entire treatment center, encourage the wearing face masks, and are using Ultra Violet lighting to kill coronavirus.

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