Coronavirus / COVID-19 Has Changed Our Behavior

Coronavirus / COVID-19 has changed the way be behave towards each other. The family that we live with are treated as usual, others are treated differently. Shaking hands has become nearly non-existent. Hugging has all but disappeared. Gloves, face masks or face shields have become so common that when we see someone without protection it seems abnormal. Never thought I’d say that! Have you adjusted to this change yet, or are you still uncomfortable with the social distancing and protection being thrust upon you by our Medical and Governmental agencies. Coronavirus / COVID-19 has turned us into a very sterile society and uncomfortable to say the least. It is something you would see in a movie like “Outbreak” with Dustin Hoffman. Unfortunately, we are seeing it in our home towns all across America.

White Rock Chiropractic Is Stopping The Spread Of Coronavirus / COVID-19

White Rock Chiropractic is actively participating with all necessary protocol to be safe and meet the required standards of safe contact with others. Dr. Larry Parent owns and operates White Rock Chiropractic. He has taken every precaution recommended by the CDC, plus some. All of the therapeutic tables are sterilized after each person uses them. The entire clinic uses UV Light which acts as a sanitizer for the Coronavirus / COVID-19. Hand sanitizer is located throughout the cCoronavirus-protection-using-gloves-during-chiropractic-treatmentlinic. Our staff wears Face masks and gloves. When you come to White Rock Chiropractic for assistance you can be sure that you are in a safe environment.

Dr. Larry Parent is making a difference by “Stopping the Spread” of Coronavirus / COVID-19. He also promotes good health and feeling better with his Chiropractic Treatments. It is necessary to remain vigilant against Coronavirus / COVID-19 until we have it under control. Most of our citizens under 50 years of age have little to fear. The over 65 and with certain conditions group is the most vulnerable to this killer virus. Children are practically not a factor in serious illness or fatalities as it relates to this pandemic. However, taking precautions is always recommended when it comes to concerns regarding ones health.

If you are in pain or uncomfortable and need some Chiropractic assistance, please Contact Us as soon as possible so we can schedule an appointment. Sooner is always better then later.

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