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Chiropractic Therapy Treats More Than Pain

Chiropractic Therapy is an entirely wholesome approach to medical treatment. Pain is often the primary reason people visit chiropractors. Chiropractors look at the overall health of an individual when treating them. It is important to know the medical history of a patient. A physical examination will almost certainly be part of your chiropractors routine.

After a thorough exam your chiropractor will consult with you about your pain. He will also address the other things that have become noticed during the exam. Chiropractic Therapy may now be in order for your treatment regimen.

Chiropractic Therapy often times will employ several different types of treatment. Over the counter and prescription pain medicine may be part of your treatment plan. Exercise, and losing or gaining weight may be promoted by your chiropractor. Dietary considerations may also be helpful while undergoing Chiropractic Therapy.chiropractic-therapy-woman-exercising

Massage can play an important role in your recovery and reduction of pain. White Rock Chiropractic uses therapy tables to aide in this process as well. Everyone loves a massage. Often times massage is part of the treatment plan that your chiropractor will suggest and prescribe.

Spinal Adjustments can play an important part of your treatment. Many times these adjustments will serve as the focal point of your Chiropractic Therapy. However, don’t forget to do all the other things that your chiropractor has recommended. Like exercise and dietary changes. Few of us enjoy exercising or dieting. In fact most of us don’t like it at all! If you want pain relief and better health, then please pay attention to your medical professionals advise.

Dr. Larry Parent and his highly experienced staff are available to help you with health issues as they arise. Contact Us at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment. If our Chiropractic Therapy can not help you we will refer you to a Medical Professional who can!


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