Chiropractic Therapy Tables Help Relieve Pain

Chiropractic therapy tables help relax your body. This relaxation helps your Chiropractor with any required adjustments. The more relaxed your body is the easier it is for your Chiropractor to provide you with gentle yet effective spinal adjustments. Most people’s spine gets out of proper alignment from time to time. This misalignment can be caused from a variety of things. Some common causes are 1) An Auto Accident, 2) A Fall, 3) Playing Sports, and 4) Work Injury or Accident. These are only a few causes, however there are many more. Each incident that causes a misaligned spine will be unique to that person.

Types of Chiropractic Therapy Tables Used by Chiropractors
  1. Inversion TableAn Inversion table allows the body to use gravity in a positivewomen-on-chiropractic-therapy-table-for-spine-treatment manner. When sitting, standing, or walking, gravity compresses your spinal discs. Inversion tables do just the opposite. They allow your spinal discs to decompress as gravity actually tends to stretch out your body and spine.
  2. Roller Therapy Tables – A Roller therapy table has rollers that are brought up under your back. The rollers are activated, and they help reduce tension and break up scar tissue. Another benefit is that it hydrates the discs.
  3. Dry Hydrotherapy Massage Table – A Dry hydrotherapy massage table has jets like a spa or hot tub. The warm water is covered by vinyl, so the patient stays dry while receiving the pulsating water massage.

Pain relief is the number one reason people go to chiropractors. Dr. Larry Parent at White Rock Chiropractic has over twenty-five years of experience with pain relief. His practice is prepared to offer and FREE exam and x-rays to anyone that is interested in pain relief. The Chiropractic therapy tables by themselves will make your FREE appointment and exam worth the trip. White Rock Chiropractic is conveniently located in the Northeast Dallas, Texas area. Contact Us at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation.

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