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Chiropractic Methods Like All Things Can Vary

Chiropractors are as unique in their recommended treatment regimen as are the Quarterback’s style within the NFL. Doctors of Chiropractic have learned over the course of their careers that each patient is a unique entity. Similar symptoms of pain caused by similar circumstances can produce different chiropractic methods of treatment by Chiropractors. Each patient has a different threshold for pain. These patients also have different bodies with complex make ups that requires a physical examination by a qualified Chiropractor to obtain a correct diagnosis.

Without a physical examination obtaining an accurate diagnosis is difficult to achieve. Therefore the use of x-rays, body movement evaluation, location of pain, and the lack of mobility are all considered before a diagnosis can be determined. Your chiropractor will also want to know any ideas you may have as to the cause of your current discomfort. For instance; Did you fall? Were you in an auto accident? Have you experienced a sports injury? All things Chiropractic-methods-with-Senior-woman-exercising-with-therapistneed to be considered when visiting a chiropractor. Therefore, different chiropractic methods may be used for the treatment of a similar injury or accident by your chiropractor.

Your level of pain or discomfort and determining the root cause will certainly impact the diagnosis. The recommended treatment for your current condition can vary greatly after considering all of the available options. Dr. Larry Parent of White Rock Chiropractic certainly considers all available chiropractic methods of treatment.

Different Treatment Methods Are Common

  • Diet can be an important long term method to treat your discomfort
  • Losing weight will often times be part of your chiropractors recommended method of treatment
  • Therapeutic body massage focused upon specific areas of your body can offer physical benefits especially when pinched nerves are thought to be involved
  • The use of therapeutic tables often is recommended
  • Exercise is clearly a consideration
  • Spinal Adjustments are a very common form of treatment
  • Unique Combinations of all of the above

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your everyday living you may want to talk with a chiropractor and get an evaluation of your circumstances.Contact Us today for a Free appointment and exam.

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