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Chiropractic and Pain Management Helps

Chiropractic and Pain Management have long been linked together. Chiropractors by the very nature of their considerable training have an understanding of pain, its root cause, and how to reduce or effectively eliminate it all together. Our body is telling us something is wrong when it sends us a message in the form of pain. This pain alerts us that attention is needed in a specific area of our body.

The Doctors within the Chiropractic Industry are trained in the skeletal system, the muscular system, and the nervous system. Doctors of Chiropractic understand how each of these body systems function, interact with each other, and what your pain is trying to tell you. Dr. Larry Parent has over 20 years of experience in diagnosing pain, finding its root cause, and properly treating that pain. Without knowing the root cause of pain it is nearly impossible to treat effectively.

Dr. Larry Parent Specializes in Pain Reduction and Elimination

A physical exam is necessary to begin your pain managementchiropractic-and-pain-management-with-woman-receiving-spinal-adjustment process. This often times will include an x-ray. X-rays can be very valuable in determining the root cause of your pain. More often than not it confirms a diagnosis based upon a conversation with your Chiropractor. Then, a physical exam which will include your ability to move your body in specific ways. Movement or lack there of without pain is generally why you are visiting a Chiropractor in the first place.

Once a diagnosis for your pain has been established, your Doctor of Chiropractic will discuss your pain management options. Some of your Chiropractic and Pain Management options may include partial body massage. Physical Therapy and exercise will certainly be considered for your treatment of pain. Spinal Adjustments may be included as well. Even over the counter and prescription drugs may play a role in your pain management regimen. Especially for extreme inflammation of body tissue.

Each individual will react to pain management treatment in a different way. Your pain and your pain management may be very different from friends or relatives that you know. Chiropractors treat each patient individually as it relates to their needs.

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