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Can a Chiropractor Help You Feel Better?

Can a Chiropractor help you feel better? After an exam a chiropractor can make recommendations based upon your level of comfortableness. It will be necessary for you to tell your chiropractor exactly how you feel and “Where it Hurts”. The exam, coupled with what you tell your chiropractor, will most likely provide him with the information required to make a medical recommendation. Most states require more in depth training from a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) than they do for an MD or a DO. Over 4,200 classroom hours are required to graduate from a four-year doctoral graduate school to become a DC. Each state has its own requirements to be licensed and practice Chiropractic Care.

Chiropractor Treatments May Include;

  1. Spinal Adjustment to properly align your vertebrae. This works Chiropractor Adjusting Clientvery effectively when there is a pinched nerve involved.
  2. Exercise can play a big role in your feeling better. Lack of movement, being over weight, and being out of shape all contribute to our bouts with not feeling well. You may receive a recommendation to lose weight to assist in feeling better.
  3. Massage can play a role in the recommendation a chiropractor may suggest to you.
  4. Manual Therapy can involve instruments for soft tissue mobilization that massage and scrape the skin gently. The Graston Technique is an example of this. It is widely used by most doctors.
  5. Spinal Decompression is yet another treatment employed by a chiropractor that can generate relief of tension and pain. It involves reducing the pressure that is applied to your spinal discs from gravity and your body weight.

There are more treatments available for you than we have mentioned above. Chiropractic Care involves a complete understanding of how you feel. Then when the cause for not feeling well is determined the treatment process may begin. Like many things what works for one does not work for all. You may have a friend that feels like you, however, receives a different recommendation from his MD, DO, or DC. Don’t be disturbed. It is not unusual to receive different treatment recommendations for similar uncomfortable feelings. It is based upon your exam. And your exam is yours and yours alone.

2 thoughts on “Can a Chiropractor Help You Feel Better?

  1. Thank you so much for describing what a spinal decompression treatment is and how it can help someone relieve their pain and tension. I feel like a treatment like this would be perfect for me since I’ve been feeling a lot of tension around my lower back area, and none of my home remedies have done anything to fix it. With that said, I’ll look for a chiropractor in the area that can perform spinal decompression for me.

    1. Afton,
      Thank you for your comments and interest. We hope that you can find a chiropractor near you.

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