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Back Pain: Surgery vs Chiropractic

Constant chronic back pain can be extremely annoying and sometimes intolerable.Therefore, immediate relief of this back pain is desired. At this point one must consider and decide on surgery vs chiropractic treatment. Spinal injections is another consideration.

Surgery vs Chiropractic Treatment;

Surgery vs Chiropractic ImageSURGERY: People with constant pain & wanting immediate relief tend to want surgery without fully realizing all that is involved. In general, surgery starts with incision(s) to  remove and/or repair the following complaints:

  1. DiscectomyThe removal of herniated disc material that presses on a nerve root or the spinal cord.
  2. Disc Replacement Involves replacing a painful disc with an artificial disc either in the lower back or the neck.
  3. ForaminotomyRelieves pressure on nerves that are being compressed by the inter-vertebral foramina, the passages through the bones of the vertebrae of the spine that pass nerve bundles to the body from the spinal cord.
  4. LaminectomyEnlarges the spinal canal to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerves.

While considering surgery vs chiropractic care reports have shown that many patients who have elected back surgery experience less pain. They experienced improved physical fitness and movement. And best of all, they have a better mood! It also shows that not every patient has benefited from surgery. Possibilities of some health risks may occur after surgery such as reactions to medications, damaged tissues and nerves, recurrent disc herniation. Depending on the conditions, risks vary from one patient to another.

Surgery vs Chiropractic Image CHIROPRACTIC: Promoting a patient’s natural ability to heal itself through arrays of non-invasive and drug-free treatments is the emphasis of chiropractic benefits such as:

  1. Chiropractic Adjustment-Manipulation to the vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns or fail to function normally.
  2. Soft Tissue & Massage Therapy-Involves direct physical action on the muscle, tendons, ligaments, or other connective tissue.
  3. Therapeutic Exercises & Stretches-Designed to strengthen, relieve pressure of correlated muscles in targeted areas.
  4. Physical Method-Healing accelerating modalities options such as, muscle stimulation and deep heating procedure.

Chiropractic treatment is not for everyone even though the risk is little to none. The exception is someone who can not receive the hands-on adjustments.

SUMMARY: Surgery is suggested to those with broken or fractured bones, whereas, chiropractic is suggested to those who prefer natural healing of non broken or fractured bones. With this information in mind, it is best to consult a chiropractor regarding best route for your symptoms. If the exam shows that your situation cannot be remedied by chiropractic, the chiropractor is morally and ethically bound to recommend other medical options, and may suggest back surgery.

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