Back Pain After Accidents Is Common

Back pain after accidents is common because your back is relatively easy to disrupt and damage. Your back is a complex combination of bones, tissue, and nerves all working together to serve as the anchor for the human body. The spinal column houses a great deal of our nervous system and acts as a support and protector of our spinal cord. Weaved into and around our spinal column are nerves that can get pinched or damaged when an injury or accident happens to our back. When these nerves get involved in an accident the pain can be excruciating. The pain can be nearly unbearable and sometimes can make a full grown man cry.

The reason that back pain after accidents happens is that the nerves come in contactback-pain-after-accidents-showing-man-with-lower-back-pain with body parts that they normally do not engage with. Any involvement with bone or tissue will cause your nerve to alert your brain that “We have a problem”. The alert arrives in the form of pain. The pain is generally significant and requires us to make a decision. This significant pain usually makes us stop what we are doing to evaluate what just happened. Because back pain after accidents can be intense we generally seek relief as soon as we are able. This relief comes in many forms. These forms include but are clearly not limited to; pain pills, massage, vibrating bed or table, rest, stretching exercise, and chiropractic care. It can even involve surgery if your back pain after accidents is serious enough. A Doctor and Chiropractor should be involved if your decision making process turns toward a surgery option.

Back Pain After Accidents Should Receive Medical Attention

Dr. Larry Parent has practiced Chiropractic Medicine for over 25 years and has treated thousands of patients experiencing back pain after accidents of all kinds. His vast knowledge and experience benefits all of his patients. He operates White Rock Chiropractic in White Rock, Texas and has a full staff and ultra modern clinic to service all of your Chiropractic needs. Contact them today for your chiropractic needs.


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