Back of the Neck Pain is Debilitating

Back of the neck pain is debilitating more times than not. The mere fact that this pain causes discomfort makes simple movement a think before you attempt movement a reality. Even simple things like standing and sitting can cause grave concern. Forget a round of Golf or a few sets of Tennis with your friends, we are talking about the basic process of sitting or standing. Turning your head left, right, up, or down can be so painful that the simple thought of it begins to be stressful. If you have never experienced back of the neck pain, then this may sound a bit far-fetched. Let me assure you the discomfort and pain from this condition is as debilitating as described in this article.

What causes this painful condition where moving your neck in any direction is very painful?

The possible causes are almost too numerous to mention. However, here are a fewman-suffering-from-back-of-neck-pain obvious causes. 1) An auto accident where whiplash is involved. 2) A slip or fall where bumping your head or neck took place. 3) Sleeping in an unusual position. 4) A quick or sudden move of your head or neck. These possibilities are clearly ones which everyone understands. The effects of any one of the mentioned possibilities can produce a pinched nerve, bruised or torn neck muscles, and cracked neck vertebrae to name a few of these pain causing conditions.

Back of the neck pain is a very common condition and Chiropractors like Dr. Larry Parent see patients suffering from this condition daily to be sure. Chiropractors are especially trained and skilled when working within the Nervous System, The Skeletal System, and the Muscular System of our human body. The first step is knowing what causes the pain. After a correct diagnosis, a proposed treatment or treatment regimen to reduce and eliminate the pain will be offered to you for your consideration. If you are currently suffering from back of the neck pain, Contact Us at your convenience for a FREE exam and consultation.



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  1. It really stood out to me when you mentioned that the possible causes of neck pain are too numerous. I have been dealing with some sharp neck pain for the past couple of days. It might be a good idea for me to find a neck specialist that can diagnose what is causing my pain.

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