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After An Auto Accident What Should I Do?

The first thing to do is to attempt to evaluate your physical condition. Then check on the condition of other folks within your auto and other autos that may have been involved in the accident. Obviously, you would want to render first aide if necessary. Call 911 and explain your circumstances. They will intern notify the Police and Medical Assistance if required.

As soon as the accident has been resolved, you should consider contacting an Attorney and your Family Chiropractor and Doctor.

Don’t skip that step. It can be really important to you!

Unless your auto accident was extremely minor, an attorney should be contacted in case you need to defend your self. Secondly, you may need to take legal action against another driver that was involved in the same accident as you. Extremely minor is the key here. Use your common sense.

Contacting a Chiropractor after an auto accident is always a wise move. Motorafter-an-auto-accident-a-woman-suffering-from-chest-pain vehicle accidents are notorious for causing bodily injury. No blood or broken bones need to be seen. Internal injuries that involve the skeletal, muscular, or nervous systems are very common after an auto accident. Pain or discomfort can remain undetected for several days or longer.

Dr. Larry Parent has helped thousands of patients for over 25 years who have experienced the effects of an automobile mishap. He always offers a Free Consultation and will offer you the best advice possible. He may suggest a physical exam so he can accurately diagnose your condition. This is the most important step within the process of healing your body. It tells the Doctor the actual cause of any pain or discomfort you may be or will be feeling.

When your body is subjected to quick jerks in several directions, damage can occur that may cause major pain and discomfort. Often times it goes unnoticed at first and then very gradually begins to annoy you. The annoyance can grow into major issues if left unattended. This scenario describes the actions of an auto accident. Contact White Rock Chiropractic Today if you have experienced a recent auto accident.

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