Affordable Chiropractic Is Available

Affordable chiropractic care is a medical service that everyone can appreciate. It is important to understand that high quality chiropractic care does not need to be so expensive that it becomes unaffordable for the average man. Dr. Larry Parent has owned and operated White Rock Chiropractic for over twenty-five years and has maintained affordable chiropractic care for his patients. He also provides high quality chiropractic care.

Accidents and injuries rarely announce themselves in advance. Therefore, it is important to know a Family Chiropractor and Doctor before you actually need the services of one. Pain caused by an accident or injury needs immediate attention and most folks would rather see a Doctor for pain relief sooner rather than later. The sooner pain can be treated the sooner the healing and pain relief can begin.

State of the art facilities and equipment are features of White Rock ChiropracticAffordable-Chiropractic-with-Woman-getting-massage-pressure. Those features provide patients with the extraordinary benefits for healing and pain relief. Not to mention the expertise of Dr. Larry Parent and his more than twenty-five years of affordable chiropractic care. X-Rays and a complementary exam for all new patients is standard procedure. Dr. Parent’s attention to detail with a correct diagnosis provides White Rock Chiropractic patients with the high quality care that every patient deserves.

If you are in need of affordable chiropractic care coupled with high quality chiropractic care then White Rock Chiropractic is the right choice. They are open Monday through Friday and are conveniently located in the heart of White Rock, TX. Many patients have referred friends and family who have experienced pain from an accident or an injury to White Rock Chiropractic. Google and Yellow Pages reviews from patients are viewable on this website. We value our patients opinions and concerns. Dr. Parent does everything possible to make you aware and comfortable with his recommended treatment plan and regimen.

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