Advanced Chiropractic Care Is Different

Advanced chiropractic care is different than most people think. Many folks who have not experienced the treatment of a highly trained and experienced chiropractor don’t understand the process. At your first meeting with a chiropractic doctor, you should have x-rays, a physical exam, and fully describe your reason for scheduling an appointment. It most likely will involve some degree of pain management. Pain is the most common reason given for visiting a chiropractor in nearly every survey. Fear of the unknown plays a part for some people. They may be afraid of a spinal or back adjustment if that is part of the recommended treatment. Be honest with your chiropractor and let him or her know if you have any concerns.

Many chiropractors like Dr. Larry Parent provide advanced chiropractic care which involves a treatment regimen that is specifically designed to the needs of each patient on an individual basis. The old fashion one treatment plan for everyone hasAdvanced-chiropractic-with-man-being-treated-on-back been replaced with a unique and personal treatment plan for each patient. It could also include a full body or partial body massage. You may receive some time on therapy tables. These tables are designed to stretch out and loosen up soft body tissue like muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even blood vessels to name a few. You will most likely be asked to participate in a stretching exercise regimen to help with the loosening up of your tight and stiff body.

Stretching and loosening the body parts is critical to the process of pain relief and pain management. Increased blood flow also plays an important role in advanced chiropractic. Prescription drugs will not play a role in your advanced chiropractic care. That is one of the wonderful things about chiropractors. They can reduce pain without the use of prescription or over the counter drugs.

If pain is present in the daily activities of your life and you would like that to change, Contact White Rock Chiropractic at your convenience for a Free consultation at your earliest convenience. Life without pain should not be a distant memory or something your friends live without while you suffer from the uncomfortable circumstances of pain.

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